XII: Wandering Eyes

Entry: XII

Ice blue eyes, adorned with the intricate makeup of a seer, peer into a levitating amethyst the size of a sturdy knight’s head. The many jagged edges projected the peering eyes, scattering them amongst the walls and ceiling, in kaleidoscopic brilliance about the study room.  The polished furniture glowed with violet luminescence.

The door creaked open cautiously.

The magnificent stone crashed to the ground in an instant. The precious thing now lay smashed in pieces, void of light, on the stone floor.

“Unbelievable wretch!”   …is what she wanted to say, but through her reserve and wisdom, she spoke softly.


An awkward looking young caretaker inched his way into the room. He felt a deep tremble in his gut –as if someone had pumped him promptly with rotten air.

The pressure started up his torso and he nearly felt as if he was about to vomit. He clasped his hands tightly around his mouth and gagged.

The seer watched unamused. He wasn’t sure which was worse, the magic’s adverse effects or her intense, unwavering, fixed eyes.

The several moments it took him to regain composure felt longer to him than the dozen tower floors he climbed to deliver a very simple message.

She spoke again “A gemstone is to magic as the mighty dam is to our Draumer river… if you break it, you’ve released the flood; most respond poorly.”

Turning away from him she sat back down at her desk.

Half speaking, half choking, the man responded. “Of course Lady I-*heuck*… apologies… L-lady Ingrid.”

She scooted the chair around towards the door, folded her hands, and closed her eyes. Even the lids of her eyes burst like the sun with extravagant color. She dropped her forehead to her hands and began messaging her temples.

She spoke wearily. “So… the Count’s here then?”

“Yes, Milady”

“And I’m supposed to sup with him or some formal nonsense?”

“The Jarl’s intent was to have y— was to include you in this very important dinner, yes.”

“I will not.” Lady Ingrid turned back towards her desk and pulled a leather bound book out by the spine.

“But Lady, the Jarl commands—“

“—Nothing of importance! Now, you will go to Sigismund and fetch me a new amethyst, which the Jarl will be charged for, and leave me to study in peace!”

The young man abruptly dipped back outside and close the door tight behind him.

“Every time I stumble on something interesting…” She soughed “Formalities…”

Using her index finger and propping her chin on her free hand, she flicked open a book of hand-drawn illustrations and descriptions of elves. She peered her eyes on the ancient lettering.

“Now… who is in my city?”



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