Chronicles of Draumerheim is loosely based on an ongoing Dungeon’s and Dragon’s campaign played by myself and my lovely nerdtastic friends. My goal is to write out as much as possible during NaNoWriMo, hopefully a full novel’s worth, and then to collect critique and comment about the writing itself to determine whether or not I should continue blogging my fantasy life in the Grand old city of Draumerheim.

Please, read on, write me, live long, and prosper.

Your’s truly,

Corey Odinson Matlak


2 responses to “Draumer-wha?

  1. Here’s some feedback about what I’ve seen so far: the storyline is very captivating, though a little too fast-moving at times. The characters have interesting personalities and habits– for instance, the enchantress calling everybody by two physical attributes is a very nice touch. You really should work or punctuation, though; you’re putting commas in the wrong places. And please learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”.
    Overall, I have to say ‘good work’.

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